Friday, October 17, 2008

Will Daniel Craig succeed??

Daniel Craig is not so sure whether he in the next Bond movie will actually play again.

The British actor, who soon in 'A Quantum consolace', the new sequel to the spying row, will be shown, says that despite two secure movie contracts for the next strip of the role is not to be sure: "I have signed for four, So says the paper that I must make two more. But let us first see how things go. In the film business is not always everything goes according to plan. We will wait and see. If something goes wrong, we will have to rethink things. "

The gestählte Beau also said, with the depressive nature of the created by Ian Fleming spy to be able to identify. In an interview with the men's magazine 'Playboy' describes his vision of things as follows: "I have the most inspiration from the books by Ian Fleming withdrawn. I have just read again. In the books Bond is smooth and elegant, yes, but there is also a faulty part of Bond. In the novels he is a very depressive character. If he does not work, is he the worst. I can identify with.

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