Thursday, October 23, 2008

The great trip

The canoe trip has been really fun, but was especially scary exhausting! on the first day I'm morning at 8, hostel premises and with all the people with whom I spend the next few days to the national park would have been driven! on the way we have all our equipment, ie small gas stove, cooking utensils, tents, Airmats, water canisters and all so convincing survival fetched! and then went off almost even, after a brief trip with the "water taxi" on the lake cootharaba and a short briefing at the information center (a holzgeruest standing in water with a few information boards), in what is already our canoes were, us in the next few days would hurt, it was called losgepaddelt! Most canoes were filled with 2 people, I am with another German, named Romy gepaddelt! in the boot were beside ourselves nor our entire equipment, which under the entire catch is not necessarily made easier! for our personal belongings, we had the other water-tight t get that after we do a bit of filth armeisen freed and had provided good services!

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