Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dr.VijaY, "behind the screens"

Even a young child in Tamilnadu will not forget him. And he is the "darling of masses". He has attracted the whole mass in entire Tamilnadu by his amazing acting and brilliant dancing. And he is the only actor after Rajini to have more number of fans and fan clubs. It would be better to call them as "fanatics" rather than "fans". And the huge amount of fans are ready to do any thing for him. Probably he ll be the "Next Super Star". Yes, its none other than Ilaya thalapathi Dr.Vijay. Every one knows him only as an actor , now he is going to perform "behind the screens" for his upcoming film. Reports say that "He ll be directing his next film and ll play a guest role in the film. The film will be produced by director S.A.Chandra sekar and Yuvan is expected to score the music. The project ll begin after on going "Villu". And the film ll hit the theaters by 2009 Diwali. Hope it ll be a 10,000 wala for all his fans worldwide.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My ill-fated experience

I'd like to narrate some of my ill-fated experience(probably funny to you all). I temporarily live in Chennai, India in search of job. A friend of mine who lives far away from Chennai and who knows that I'm jobless assigned me a job of collecting old books from road-side hawkers. So I borrowed a bike from my friend and went for purchase. And in the heat of purchase i missed the bike key. I searched everywhere but in vain, i was forced to sit near the vehicle waiting for further help.
My ill fate continued the next day too. Next day also i was engaged in the same job of collecting books, but this time i have lost my helmet. I really had a very bad experience.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Do u know why?

Do you know why Addition is performed from its least significant bit and Division is performed from its most significant bit?

As addition goes on making a smaller number to bigger one , it is performed from its least significant bit to most significant bit.

As division goes on reducing a bigger number to a smaller one, it is performed from its most significant bit to least significant bit.

Friday, July 25, 2008

"The Fear of White"

Everybody should have seen this appalling coverage published by the magazine Roswell Beacon (The tag Roswell, Georgia state): it shows a Barack Obama in the viewfinder of a large size with the following title: "THE FEAR OF WHITE" a subtitle: "The police is preparing to crank a return to the security of Obama."

And everyone should have read another interview, that of Hilary Clinton, by the Sioux Falls Argus-Leader, where Mrs. candidate asks the reporter why she would withdraw from the race for Democratic nomination while the month of June is the months of political assassinations in the USA. In the original text, here's exactly what he said: "My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. "Conclusion: waiting for the end of June, you never know, some crazy anti-black or anti-Muslim could grant me the presence of Obama ...

The editor of the first such cloth came to explain on TV that he did not intend "to offend Obama," he apologized if the candidate had been (what Pharisee!) and told he had only intended to emphasize that the rise of Obama in the presidential campaign and his eventual election troubled some radical white communities ready for anything, including "White supremacists." Winking monstrous the setbacks of the Kennedy family whose fight against organized crime has offended you-could-say some minorities mafia. Clinton has not apologized at all except with the Kennedy family. This woman is wrong, I tell you.

Everything happens if additional comments that the KKK 50 years would not have done worse. What these fools do not, is that Obama is 50% white and that his candidacy could offend extremists ... black. When you play in the game, it is neither black nor white, it is only con.

However, he made a crazy heat, humidity is 85% and the beach is ... black Mexicans. But where are the White supremacists?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Night mares" can cause "Dyslexia"

We all know that young children can get "Dyslexia", and recent researches states that "Night mares" in young children could be the major reason for this. And this is basically a learning disability , a condition in which the brain fails to show difference between the written and spoken language. This is a result of neurological difference and not due to intellectual disability. And night mares can cause this neurological difference. And there is no medicinal cure for this , its curable only by practical treatment.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

IS DEC-21 2012 , "The End of our World"?

Many mysteries are behind dec-21 , 2012 . As per some scientific views , our world is gonna end by Dec-21, 2012. And there are many reasons behind this , the MAYA Calendar, designed in ancient days and used in Mayan civilization, was used to predict the date and time, was made only up to dec-21 , 2012 and exits no more after that.And further there are other prophecies from all over the world stating that some thing amazing is going to happen on dec-21, 2012. And some state that , there ll not be any planet in universe after 2012 , or a amazing planet is yet to come after 2012. There are many mysteries behind this , and none were solved yet. lets wait n see whats gonna happen...

"SIR ISAAC NEWTON" , a poor Investor

Back in the spring of 1720, Sir Isaac Newton owned shares in the South Sea Company, the hottest stock in England. Sensing that the market was getting out of hand, the great physician muttered that he " Could calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of the people". Newton dumped his South Sea shares, pocketing a 100% profit totaling $1 million. But just months later, swept up in the wild enthusiasm of the market, Newton jumped back in at a much higher price and lost $3 million. For the rest of his life , he forbade anyone to speak the words "South Sea" in his presence. Thus being a better investor is a matter of 'character' than matter of 'brain'.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Walt Disney Buys "TAARE ZAMEEN PAR "

Walt disney buys the rights of Aamir khans " TAARE ZAMEEN PAR " , which was the film on "Dyslexia" and how the teacher corrects it. The film was a hit through out india. Walt disney buys the rights for US , UK and Australia. UTV gained rs 7 crores from this deal. This is the first time for disney buying rights of indian film. Taare Zameen par took indian film industry to remarkable heights.

BollyWood in to TWO

Bollywood film industry is split into two, between Salman Khan and Sharuk khan. Last night everyone in bollywood industry attended Katrina kaif's birthday party. In that party there was a clash between Salman and Sharukh. As soon as , Sharukh came Salman commented him about the TV show which he has organised , and Sharuk got tensed . In return he commented badly about aishwariya rai ex-lover of Salman khan. And the situation went bad , as they would come to blow each other.. Aamir khan came in, to compromise both of them. Atlast some actors consoled Salman stating Sharukh was wrong , and some directors were on the side of Sharukh consoling him. This paved the way for the division of bollywood industry .

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dhoni to enter "BOLLYWOOD"

Young Indian captain , T-20 champion , Mr . Cool M.S.Dhoni is set to enter into the Bollywood film industry . The film is yet to be named and it ll be from the producer and director of " JODHAA AKBAR " , Ashutosh Gowariker. And the lady role is to be played by Deepika padukonae . And the film is planned for release sept 2009. Hope it ll be a nice experience for Dhoni himself . If all players started entering into film industry , then actors must switch their career to some other field , may be cricketing?. Hope Dhoni ll hit sixes in bollywood industry too..

"SULTAN" Begins

First time in the world of animation , here comes the real animated hero. None other than Super star Rajinikanth , and the shooting for the animation film "SULTAN" , The warrior has begun. And Soundarya Rajinikanth to score behind the scenes , she takes care of direction . And the film is expected to hit theaters next june. And the music is scored by A.R.Rahman. And the film seems to be around one and half hour , plans were there to extend the film up to 2 hours. And we all hope that this too will create a history.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

BIG-B Sings

As we all know that , film actors doesnt satisfy with what they have done and they keep on going with new efforts. In bollywood , the actors not just stop with their acting, they have started to sing. Big-B sings for his upcoming film . Akshay Kumar , John Abraham , Sanjay Dutt n Farhan akhtar were on the track. Akshay Kumar to sing along with 'Snoop Dog' for his next film "Singh is King". Sanjay Dutt has sung a private album with Asha Bhonsle , and he is ready to do some other new projects. Abhishiek Bachan has already sung in " Bluff master " and now hes ready to sing for his next film "Dostana ". This ll be a new experience for all bollywood actors.

Fill Ur Shelves Now.......

Books, plays as a only companion for many of us . Every one is interested in filling their own shelves vth books. But for many this may not be possible as the books costs more . And the only way, is to move on to the second hand book shops . In chennai there are many second hand book shops in and around , and all books are available in these book shops , and we can get them at 1/4 th of its rate. Well known " Moore market " is the whole sale market for all second hand books , and we can get all authors original books at cheap rates. Last week i went over there in search of Comics , its original version costs around rs 400. I got the same original copy at the rate of rs 180 each , its awesome. So all book lovers visit that place at least once , and start filling ur shelves .

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Clash of "TITANS"

We all know that the giant "Dasavatharam" released few weeks back, created a tremendous record world wide. yes , it has earned around crores in 5 weeks , no other film has created such a history. And its first week collection topped to 35 crores and this is huge than any other film especially "Shivaji" which worked out only for 25 crores . Further Kamal has been paid 20 crores and few % in profits , and this seems that Kamal emerged as a top paid actor in the Indian film industry than Rajini. And lets wait for the huge "Kuselan" , only Kuselan must answer Dasa. Thus the Clash of Titans begins.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

"HUNK" needs a "BUNK"

We all know about the "Incredible Hulk " running successfully in theaters , and this topic is totally irrelevant to that , yes its all about the HERO HONDA's "HUNK".One month back i was staying in Chennai with my friends , and my friend has a brand new "HUNK" , all advised him not to take much risk , as it was a new model and no one knows about its performance. But he never bothered about it , and got a new one. And now he is enjoying vth it. It gives oly 26 km/l unbeleivable , all were shocked about this. Thats y v friends decided to take car instead of hunk , as its needs a petrol BUNK to travel. So bikers beware never ever prefer HUNK.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

PATNI exact DOJ for BE's announced

Hi all , I got selected in patni last july still waiting for my DOJ. Just now , I have enqiured my uncle who is a HR at Airoli branch , Navi mumbai. When i enquired about the DOJ , two weeks back he informed me that , it was not confirmed yet. Just today he called me and informed me that , Exact DOJ is on 25th august , 2008. Further he informed me that all BE's will be called as a single batch only. First three weeks accommodation is free and its in a 3 star hotel it seems. All be ready , lets meet at patni.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"My Ever loved bike"

So that ... That's it. It's finished. Tonight, I looked away, a big lump in the throat. One last time ... After nearly a year and a half "whole" ... It was swift, 15 minutes, everything was finished. Fini ... It's hard.

So that, today, I sold my motorcycle. This bike, which I bought for lots of reasons, this bike, which has offered many joys, and a few scares, so this bike, I just had to drive, launched on roads, give me morale or calm me, this bike is not mine ...

So yes, "she could not remain without a ride for X time," yes, I sold it, but until it happens, bug ... it is not clear .... Each next sunny day I will regret ...