Sunday, July 20, 2008

BIG-B Sings

As we all know that , film actors doesnt satisfy with what they have done and they keep on going with new efforts. In bollywood , the actors not just stop with their acting, they have started to sing. Big-B sings for his upcoming film . Akshay Kumar , John Abraham , Sanjay Dutt n Farhan akhtar were on the track. Akshay Kumar to sing along with 'Snoop Dog' for his next film "Singh is King". Sanjay Dutt has sung a private album with Asha Bhonsle , and he is ready to do some other new projects. Abhishiek Bachan has already sung in " Bluff master " and now hes ready to sing for his next film "Dostana ". This ll be a new experience for all bollywood actors.

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