Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dr.VijaY, "behind the screens"

Even a young child in Tamilnadu will not forget him. And he is the "darling of masses". He has attracted the whole mass in entire Tamilnadu by his amazing acting and brilliant dancing. And he is the only actor after Rajini to have more number of fans and fan clubs. It would be better to call them as "fanatics" rather than "fans". And the huge amount of fans are ready to do any thing for him. Probably he ll be the "Next Super Star". Yes, its none other than Ilaya thalapathi Dr.Vijay. Every one knows him only as an actor , now he is going to perform "behind the screens" for his upcoming film. Reports say that "He ll be directing his next film and ll play a guest role in the film. The film will be produced by director S.A.Chandra sekar and Yuvan is expected to score the music. The project ll begin after on going "Villu". And the film ll hit the theaters by 2009 Diwali. Hope it ll be a 10,000 wala for all his fans worldwide.

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