Saturday, August 2, 2008

Early Jogging makes me "Fresh"

As I was engaged with hectic schedule for past two weeks,I felt very tired ,and was not able to concentrate in my work, I needed a temporary break and a peace of mind as well. Usually I ll be going to my bed late at night and I ll be getting up late in morning. So that i couldn't get enough time for exercising and other stuffs. Past two days , I have changed my entire routine by going to bed early and getting up early. And i have started to jog in early morning with my uncle , who is a regular jogger. And early jogging makes me fresh and it helps in increasing my fitness with less stress . Now my mind and body are getting relaxed, and I think it is the better way to get relaxed.


PALS said...

Nice! I want to jog by i live in a city. Cannot do it. Huhuhuhu..

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Elegant Coral said...

I'm in the same boat as Charles. There's no garden where I live and it's so far to drive to the stadium.

Anyway, Praveen,
There’s an award humbly waiting for you at my blog.