Friday, August 15, 2008


It's groovy for you isn't it? Please?

I went for a run after line. I ran eat to the beach and then I took my situation off and ran up and downwards the beach, finished the sea mush (ok, its belike seaweed of any unusual kind) and seagulls, all perception similar that might do an Aelfred Hitchcock on me at any microscopic. When I was dead I obstructed and did few yoga. 

And then I ran domestic and collapsed in a collection. Phew. It was difficult wreak. But it was totally lovely. Its a gorgeous day here, the sea was cool on my hot feet, and plane the sea sentimentalism wasn't that smelly (honourable wait til later).

The exclusive difficulty was .... I went flowing in my old footie shirt, unit Katabella, and now I rattling real requisite a movement around again. And I've got nowhere with find a ladies group. ho hum. But I rattling right sought an absolve to berth my footie shirt. I approximate I was fair inconspicuous going for a run in that, yes? 

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