Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BollyWood in to TWO

Bollywood film industry is split into two, between Salman Khan and Sharuk khan. Last night everyone in bollywood industry attended Katrina kaif's birthday party. In that party there was a clash between Salman and Sharukh. As soon as , Sharukh came Salman commented him about the TV show which he has organised , and Sharuk got tensed . In return he commented badly about aishwariya rai ex-lover of Salman khan. And the situation went bad , as they would come to blow each other.. Aamir khan came in, to compromise both of them. Atlast some actors consoled Salman stating Sharukh was wrong , and some directors were on the side of Sharukh consoling him. This paved the way for the division of bollywood industry .

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prathu said...

salman is better host, better actor, & better person than srk. srk is matalabi person. he was affraid of salman's show dus ka dum. thats why he tried everything to sabotag the show of salman but show became hit. thats why srk was jelus of salman. sallu u r best . srk suckzzzzzzzzzz