Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fill Ur Shelves Now.......

Books, plays as a only companion for many of us . Every one is interested in filling their own shelves vth books. But for many this may not be possible as the books costs more . And the only way, is to move on to the second hand book shops . In chennai there are many second hand book shops in and around , and all books are available in these book shops , and we can get them at 1/4 th of its rate. Well known " Moore market " is the whole sale market for all second hand books , and we can get all authors original books at cheap rates. Last week i went over there in search of Comics , its original version costs around rs 400. I got the same original copy at the rate of rs 180 each , its awesome. So all book lovers visit that place at least once , and start filling ur shelves .

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