Friday, October 17, 2008

A black swan

Yesterday in a Swiss bookshop: The book " The Impact of the Highly Improbable",Interesting how all now for an explanation for the crisis in financial markets and is looking above book in the sense of salvation ((mental drain trade?)) Buy - and the book also provides a reassuring ,

Drastic and rapid events can not be predicted, we are more or less powerless.

I think the book ((and the earlier books by this author)) is interesting, but the salary statement for the current crisis seems to me rather low. It has been the emerging problems in the U.S. with enough other crises can compare, which is why the current financial crisis in my opinion, only superficially "a black swan."I have since last autumn and many links to statistics in this blog and linked via "Tales From The Future" and warned against investments in financial titles and large shares generally towards the end of 2006 and again in the autumn of 2007 - articles and statistics in the prestigious Economist and historical parallels to Finland / Sweden and Japan, there were more than enough.

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