Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My inspiration

I played out this last week knocked out of town, and while I was away I fell in love. I fell in love with a place, with an approximation, with my crop, with an moth-eaten friend, and with someone fresh. I fell in love again for the foremost time in a long time. At present, I do not mean love of the sort that brings a lover to propose marriage or that makes siblings stick up for one another. That love is long and forged from infinite memories. I am addressing of a much more subtle sort of love, the kind that bails people to things, and ideas, and others disregardless of time or space. In less than a week I found new love for a place I did not initially apprise, I fell in love with new aspects of the domain I plan to live and the career I am engaging, I felt love for a friend I did not know I had, and best of all I found that sort of love you feel from a fluttering coquettish glance or a laugh at one of your jokes when I least expected. I spent a week amidst all these new romances, and I was cheerily surprised to find myself inspired.

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