Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shred metal's Concert

One of the best guitarists shred metal continues to demonstrate their skills in the six strings with a record live on the old continent. The same was recorded at various shows of the tour presentation of the album Loudspeaker in 2007. Marty is a guy who knows more than anyone feel on top of a stage. Anyone who was fortunate to ever see him live will see what I say, especially if they were part of the 50 people who saw Friedman in his presentation to Yamaha, a company that supports it.The disc includes a cover wing Friedman, Hound Dog, Elvis Presley in 1956, which interprets Marty vocally, and comes to be the only non-instrumental song on the CD. The sound that manages to live is impressive, and now thanks to the magic of Mascot Records, can be appreciated by lovers of discs of guitar instrumentals with a highlight for fans of Megadeth and me. Marty Friedman, as you know, started in the group Cacophony with Jason Becker, and later joined Megadeth, whose departure from the band I take them to work as a solo artist, achieving a fuertísimo event in Japan, where recurrence several years now , And where their works in various projects. Needless to say, has a career much more successful than his former career Dave Mustaine, and several of his accomplishments this sum is Exhibit A Live in Europe, which I recommend infinitely.

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