Friday, October 24, 2008

"Self esteem" makes you worth

Self esteemed is how we feel about ourselves. High self esteem leads to a purposeful life. First requirement is that you must prove you are worth while. People with high self esteemed face life with optimism. They mix with people. They are ambitious and sensitive . They take risk and welcome new opportunities. Self esteem improves performance and enhances risk taking ability.
It helps a person give and receive both criticism. People with high esteemed talk about ideas, have confidence, are internally driven , are assertive, accept responsibility , are willing to learn , discuss , disciplined and respects others. People with poor self esteemed are self centered and close minded. They never accept responsibility.They blame others. They do not have initiative as people with high esteemed have. They don't have genuine friends.They talk about people.They are arrogant , aggressive , pessimistic or fatalistic. They are greedy and they argue for everything. They are externally driven and they blame the whole world.

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