Friday, October 17, 2008

Amsterdam , the hallmark

Amsterdam is truly a city where life is good, which is based vraiment.On feels forth in soi.Les Dutch are very friendly and welcoming (everyone seems to speak English-is a real plus for us, travelers do not speak Dutch!)

No more stress to Paris, finished the competition mode ...
Because yes, what I love also in this city is the relative freedom of style of the inhabitants. People often have a style "Casual" wear basic colors, always identified by any color vive.Un true style is created for women of all ages, not dictated by magazines, and now I love.
You can find brands such Noa-Noa or trademarks typically Dutch-Sissy-Boy (to discover in Holland, so), which is the hallmark of casual comfortable, warm materials. Perfect for dealing with the winter frost!
And then, another element of the Streat Life, as we say to our American friends is the real common port for headphones balladeur. Yes, true, the large, to cover the ears! Of all the colors ... A true master word: comfort and cool attitude, true!

Later dodo, because yes, we all know, sleep in Amsterdam extêmement is expensive (and sometimes inadequate comfort (a sum in Paris Bis).
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