Friday, October 17, 2008

The real album

Album two people, 28 musicians from collective Sweden, NOT Barcelona. Also on "Who Killed Harry Houdini 'again we find a nice collection of catchy pop songs. James Last would have strings and arrangements present can not be better. Suhlte the debut "Let Me Introduce My Friends" in a kind of "all-have-to-love Whole Pop" is slightly darker album two, dreamy. Rather dark as to continue to remain chocolate context. Many-choirs, the gentle voice of songwriter Emanuel Lundgren and the entire Lala's and Baba's. Especially the single "Paper Planes" and the number Uptempo "Mingus" can convince. Everything here. Nothing is missing. Okay, even a comparison behind. Am I just too happy. The debut sounded more so after family trip to the zoo, it is the successor still family outing. But this time it will take place in the direction of Okkervil River instead. Because you can safely but also good picnic. It only remains to be clarified a question: Who brought the good now, Harry Houdini on the casting? Lalalalalaaa, Bababababaa, Lala.

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