Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My experience

Addressing the amazing creatures, I had last Thursday off from school as it was Yom Kippur (thank you, macroscopic quantity of Judaic people at Tulane) so Daniel and I blended in to the zoo. The sea lions are back and they are like prominent adaptations of otters. They were super diddling and amusive. Everything else was groovy. I wish I featured a lot of time and money to crack to the zoological garden more often.I am kinda hyper- busy right now between crop and school. Midterms are the bechancing right now. So Iapos;ll be super happy when I have my last test next Friday. Itapos;s so far away. Not to advert I had a cold the other week that segued into benweed season. Generally I can keep my allergic reaction* pretty under control with my prescriptions. But benweed season is a beast that no medicine can cultivate for me. So my visual sensation is bad and I canapos;t smell anything and Iapos;m light headed from all the sinus pressure and basically this just couldnapos;t have come at a worse time. Blah. At least I have a kitten. And a Daniel to keep me together.

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