Friday, October 17, 2008

Banana banana's

We know the Japanese are commonly healthy and on average dilutant than US westerners. This is widely acknowledged to be because of the heathly fish grounded diet they have inbedded in their acculturation but there is different reason.The youth and particulary the famale population are obessed with diets. All right, thats the same as in the west, merely for them it inclines to works, so uts worth paying attention when a new rage diet comes along in the east that seems too simply not to try.Altogether you have to do is consume a banana or a number of bananas for breakfast with a glass of warm water. Lunch and dinner can be whatever you choose but skip on the desert.There is actually a deficit of bananas in Japan due to this new diet craze. So, get your monkey costume on and head down to the supermarket. It's time to go bananas for bananas!

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