Friday, October 24, 2008

Follow "Confucius"and win your life

Confucius wrote : "He who wishes to secure the good of others had already secured his own. There is a direct link between service to others and rewards in life".

Many people in the world work day and nigh either to earn money or fame. Money is the essential thing. Money is an important part of life in our soceity today. It is surprise to note that the moneyed man is respected. He has people at his beck and call. He can enjoy all the luxuries of life and even his vices are condoned. However, very few people only have understood what is meant by service.Even those people are becoming extinct.In this world selfishness is playing a vital role. Each one worry for their upliftment. Nothing wrong. Nobody say that it is incorrect. But one should know servicemindedness is a virtue. Self denail is rare. The big word is SERVICE. The most acceptable service of god is doing good to man. Today the scene is changed. If you ask anyboy they say socal service is not their duty. The government has to look after social service work. This is the answer.

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