Friday, June 27, 2008

Ajith to play a guest role in " ROBO "

we all know that a big massive , heavy budget movie in tamil ever "ROBO ", directed by no: one in
the film industry Shankar , who did his best with his previous "Sivaji" which was a world wide hit.Shankar and rajini joined together in this project again. This film was so called as "Shankars magnum opus "
as this was his dream project from childhood. And the producers are Aygaran international vth budget of 120 crores. In this story there is a typical guest role which may be a negative one , and rajini preferred Ajith would be the best , and shankar approached him and Thala acceped this offer. This obvoiusly proves that ajith is the next super star. THALA rocks.

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Gopal said...

ya sure Ajith Rocks